Packed House Publications have a clothing business, goes by the name of 'Snaggy Tees'. They recently asked me to look at creating a corporate ID for them. The brief was precise in that I needed to incorporate an anthropomorphic dog, in shades, T-shirt (bearing a specific slogan) and jeans.

As is usual with Packed House, their communication and responses to my proposals were swift and efficient and all went nice and smoothly. The final art needed to be sent as a layered Photoshop file and had to be high enough resolution to be reproduced on the website and printed large. The final file was good enough to be printed with the dog being about 4ft tall with no loss of quality. That should do it. The resulting file was a bit of a whopper, with Drop Box coming to the rescue when it came to delivery time.

I look forward to seeing the results on the website.

Image reproduced with the kind permission of Packed House Publications

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