Q.What do your services cost?

Without a clear understanding of what you need me to achieve, I won't have a clue. Everything I do is priced based on the time it takes for me to complete it.

I have three ways of working:

  1. To your budget - You tell me what you need and I'll temper my work accordingly and provide it within budget - as long as you don't change your mind part way through.
  2. We agree a figure - You tell me in detail what you want, we discuss options and I tell you a figure based on how long I think it will take to do a great job, then we go back to method 1.
  3. Ongoing monthly invoices - For lengthier or open-ended projects, I'll log the time spent on your project and invoice my hourly rate (currently £50) with my personal guarantee that I won't charge you for going to the toilet or eating lunch. You'll wonder why you didn't opt for method 1 or 2.

If it's a painting you want to commission, that's altogether a different kettle of fish. Some of my paintings have taken well over a hundred hours to complete and therefore an hourly rate can't be applied. Ideally a portrait will come out of a meeting to discuss the work, sittings to sketch and take reference photographs before any real work is done. A portrait can cost anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand pounds. A portrait isn't something to be entered into lightly. Let's talk.

Q.What do I get for my money?

Unless you have a specification to which you'd like me to work, I will generally provide digital high resolution, press-ready files either emailed or delivered via Dropbox, depending on size.

I produce images in traditional media and provide scanned files to the resolution you need or vector art. Documents are supplied as screen or print resolution PDFs for approval and delivery of the completed work is as press-ready PDF.

Q.What's the procedure?

Every project is different, but essentially it goes like this:

  1. You tell me what you want
  2. I ask you some questions
  3. You tell me more stuff
  4. I go away and scribble out some ideas - If that doesn't happen straight away, I might ask more questions and you might tell me more stuff
  5. I present my thoughts, options, rough sketches etc. for feedback
  6. You give feedback and provide direction
  7. I develop the idea and present a more finished thing
  8. You check everything is OK
  9. I deliver the final project

Occasionally loops will occur where several revisions are required, but that's the creative process for you.

Q.When can I have the finished product?

There are three elements in design and illustration: Time, Quality and Cost. Think of it as a tripod. Reduce one or more and stability is compromised.

Q.I can't afford you. Will you do my project for free if I give you a credit?

Would you?


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