Whether by accident, or design, I've managed to stay within some type of creative role my entire career. After leaving art school, I followed the path of graphic design and have stayed connected to that ever since. There have been a couple of departures, one as an offset litho printer and another as college print technician, but my heart has always been with visual communication.

I've been fortunate to encounter many creative areas, including jewellery, photography, garment design, a variety of print processes, advertising and marketing, fine art, needlwork, typography and illustration.

In 2008, after years contemplating 'giving it a try', I took up oil painting as a way of relaxing. After a couple of attempts of getting to grips, I found the medium really suits me and I now paint as often as other projects will allow. I like to paint people, though the challenge of painting anything excites me. I'd call my paintings 'contemporary realism'. I like to paint stuff to look like stuff.

Since 2002 I've worked from my studio at home. Most of my work is now created 'digitally' in my office and traditional media in my garden studio where I can watch the birds. If you are interested in artwork for children's books then please visit my seperate site showcasing my illustration for children.